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desde 25 de setembro de 2017. Adira agora ao MB WAY.
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SIBS FORWARD PAYMENT SOLUTIONS S.A. (hereafter SIBS FPS) is a company with its headquarters at Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes, Lot 1, Lisbon, registered in the city’s Commercial Registration Conservatory as a collective entity with the unique registration number 505 107 546 and company capital of 17,500,000.00 Euros. Within the scope of providing the MB NET service, SIBS FPS developed the MB NET website with the domain name of www.mbnet.pt (hereafter referred to as the site).

Users of this site should read this information closely. Should they not agree with its contents, they should not advance with utilisation. This information sets out the general terms and conditions that regulate usage of the present Internet page and all of its contents. The utilisation of the site implies the acceptance, without any reservations, of each and all of these conditions.

The brand, design and logotypes presented in this site are the property of SIBS FPS. The utilisation, without prior consent in writing, of the brand, design and logotypes is entirely forbidden. All the content of this site, its functions, texts, images and any other existing files are subject to the legal stipulations in effect for the protecting of copyright and intellectual property. The contents of this site, in its entirety or in part, are correspondingly not eligible for copying for any commercial usage or distribution or for modification or re-sending to other sites.

The information this site provides comes from SIBS FPS but without any guarantee as to its reliability, explicit or implicit, including commercialisation and appropriateness for whatever specific purpose. While it remains our conviction that the information provided is correct, such may contain errors, omissions or be outdated. SIBS does not take any responsibility for the quality or veracity of such affirmations and the news reproduced on this site. Access to this site is granted, alongside the right to download, visualise, store or print its contents as long as such are not altered, reproduced or distributed without the explicit prior agreement of SIBS FPS.

We do not assume any responsibility for the quality or veracity of the information provided on the websites connected to by the hypertext connections, also referred to as hyperlinks or links, contained on this site. We do not exercise any control about the contents, products and/or services provided by third parties via the aforementioned links.

In the terms of CRP art. 35 of Law no. 67/98, 26 October, the information gathered by the site about its visitors remains personal in character and hence ensuring the confidentiality of visitor identities. There is nevertheless the means to identify all users whenever committing illegal acts within the site, in particular, attempts to alter information, upload information or whatever other action may cause damage or jeopardise the system’s integrity or whenever such is requested by judicial decision. SIBS FPS commits to taking every measure necessary to avoiding loss, misuse or alteration of the information received from visitors. In the case of visitors sending messages to the site, their addresses are not disclosed apart from whenever so demanded by judicial decision.

SIBS FPS reserves the right to block or restrict access or alter the terms and conditions thereof to each and every user.

Alterations to the present terms and conditions for utilisation, or even in a final instance the removal of the site may take place at any time and produce immediate effects without any need for either prior communication with or notification of users.

The present terms and conditions fall under the auspices of Portuguese law and the site was set up and operates in accordance with that law. For any and all litigation arising from the site and its utilisation, Portuguese courts hold exclusive competence with the parties electing as territorially competent, with the explicit rejection of any others, the judicial courts in the district of Lisbon.